Friday, February 22, 2013

I Dream of White... Kitchens

So I just got back from looking at a house I absolutely love.  I don't love it in the state it is in currently, but I see so much potential.  We are going to go back to look at it tomorrow and if David loves it as much as I do we are hopefully going to put a bid in on it.  Timing may be an issue with our August wedding, but for right now I am in my dreaming phase.

This is the way the house hunting has been going for me, I find a place I put all my eggs in one basket and then someone breaks the entire basket as well as cracking all the eggs.  But.. I really enjoy going into everything I do with full force.  The kitchen needs so much work in this house to get it to where I would want it to be.  ALL white with dark wood floors. I don't know where I got this obsession, but MAN am I obsessed.



The last one is probably David's dream kitchen, but honestly I love the look and feel of all of them.  Now I just need to find our home.... wish me luck!

Have a great weekend:)