Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Break

Usually I have weddings on my mind when writing this blog, but today I am fully focused on babies. Right after I posted yesterday I got an exciting call from my dad telling me to book a flight to Michigan because my sister was going to have the baby!  I rearranged my business  trip to Vegas, wrapped twelve gifts in a period of thirty minutes (with a dog jumping all over all of the wrapping paper), caught a cab, and two hours later I arrived in Detroit. 

My sister is already a few days past her due date so she is READY for this baby to come.  Jeff (her husband), my mom and I all escorted her to the hospital, where I began taking pictures as if I were the paparazzi.  At 12:09pm I began to work on this post and there was still no baby.  I edited this post at 11:00 am and there is still no baby.

So instead I leave you with this.. how adorable would my nephew be at a wedding wearing this?

Okay I still have weddings on my mind:) via

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