Monday, February 20, 2012

{Guest Post} The Bride's Perspective: What I Expected from my Bridesmaids

Good Morning, y'all!  After a weekend in Austin I have been catching myself using y'all and that hasn't happened since I was in college!  I promise to share with you all the highlights of the weekend, but I first need to catch up on my sleep!  Since I am being so lazy today It works perfectly that I have a guest post from Siera... I hope you enjoy!

Hi All, It’s me Siera! I hope you remember me from my first post on why I chose a smaller wedding. Today I am here to share what I expected from my bridesmaids.

Being a bride-to-be is very stressful at times, and the most important thing I valued in my bridesmaids was there unconditional love and support. My bridesmaids were there when I needed to cry and vent my frustration, but also there to let lose and have a girls night on the town. They were so supportive to me in so many ways that I don’t think they will ever even understand until the position is swapped. The day of my wedding I wrote each girl a long note and gave them a beautiful necklace. Although it was my thank you gift to them, I don’t think I will truly ever be able to show them how special they all were to me until it’s there turn to be the bride and me the bridesmaid!

Advice to all my future brides and bridesmaids: Be there for the bride in anyway you can. Let her know your supportive of whatever the next step may be. She has so much going on, including entertaining other family and friends and just knowing you are there will give her comfort.

Until Next time COAPBM….


Thanks so much Siera!!  I know you are all probably drooling over these wedding pics, don't worry I will be sharing more with you this Friday when I reveal Siera and Adam's Flashback Friday!

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