Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Guest Post} The Bride's Perspective: Choosing the Perfect Venue

Today, I am thrilled to have Alex from Things That Sparkle participating in my series The Bride's Perspective!  Things That Sparkle was the first blog I started to read on a daily basis, and it inspired me to start my own.  If you are not already addicted, trust me after today you will be.  So without further ado here is Alex:)


Hi all, I am Alex from Things That Sparkle and I am so excited to be here today sharing the very first decision we made in our wedding planning process. We got engaged in May of 2011 and knew right away we wanted to be married in Chicago (or the surrounding area) in September of 2012. We both really wanted it to be in a tent, ideally somewhere close to the water. We were having a hard time thinking of spaces that would accommodate our large group, until my fiance suggested Northerly Island. 

Although I had never been there before I remembered reading about its background. It used to be Miegs Field, an old private airport right on the outskirts of downtown. Its a little peninsula of land surrounded by beautiful views of the skyline, water and harbor. Now that the airport is gone all that is left is the old retro terminal building, a small concert venue at far end, and a big wide open field. 

After my fiance suggested this location, we did some research and went to go see it in person. I immediately knew it was perfect. Everything we had always envisioned. So Chicago. So us. We booked it the next day.

An overhead view.Water on all sides.

 A view of the harbor, Soldier Field and the beautiful Chicago skyline.

The old terminal building which is where our after party is going to take place!


  1. I love Alex and can't wait to see this venue light up for her wedding! It will be fab!

  2. It looks like it will be fab! Great choice! Chicago sounds like a fun place to get hitched -


  3. Love Alex's venue -so unique - it's going to be incredible!!!

  4. I love Alex, so happy to have this behind the scenes POV from her planning process. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this post! So happy to hear more about the venue--what a unique location! That will be amazing.

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