Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

So last night when I finally got around to packing for my trip to Austin for Kate's Bachelorette party, I was stumped at what to bring.  I checked the weather yesterday and it says it is supposed to rain all weekend long! I know what I want to wear at night, I am sticking to my cute dresses and blazers regardless of the weather, but I cannot get away with casual dresses and shorts when it is cold and rainy during the day.

When I lived in Austin I spent almost every rainy day in bed watching friends with my roomies, or walking the aisles of Wholefoods munching on their flatbread from the sandwhich counter (trust me this Wholefoods kicks any others ass even the new one in Chicago).  I have no idea what to do when its raining and I have an even worse idea what to wear.  I started to feel helpless so I needed to take a break,

This inspired me to pour a glass of vino and start searching the web for rainy day must-haves.  If I only had these items in my closet I would be prepared for the weather Austin has in store for me:




I might be taking a lunch break, and heading to Michigan Ave before my flight tonight!