Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodies for Guests

When you start writing a blog its hard to predict what direction it will go in.  When I decided to write on my experiences as a bridesmaid, I had no idea that what I was really doing was throwing myself into the wedding industry.  After three weeks at it I found myself interested in all aspects of wedding planning, not just the bridesmaid portion.  Before the blog, if I was constantly reading about weddings David would have thought I was putting way to much pressure on him, now its just research!

So while doing some blog research, I came across the most darling company in St. Louis, Goodies for Guests.  Goodies for Guests is a gift box business that provides welcome boxes for guests of the wedding that are in from out of town.  As Goodies for Guests embarks on their third year of business they are ready to expand outside of St Louis.  Below are a few options they offer and everything can be customized by the customer!

As GFG expands outside of St. Louis they are teaming up with local vendors in other areas to offer special treats out of towners will love!

Making the gifts for guests can be very stressful and time consuming right before the weekend begins, but Goodies for Guests is such a great way to eliminate the task!

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