Monday, February 13, 2012

Much Needed Relaxing

Next weekend kicks off my 2012 wedding event calendar with a bachelorette party in Austin.  My schedule is jammed packed with wedding fun for the rest of the year and I couldn't be more delighted.  On top of all the wedding plans my sister and her husband are expecting their first son any day now.  So when I do not have anything wedding related you can bet I will be jumping in the car and heading to Birmingham, MI as often as possible to see my first nephew. 

Before all the craziness begins I wanted to take a step back and just enjoy my time with David and good friends.  On Friday David and I and five other couples packed up our cars and headed to Lake Geneva, WI.  If you are not familiar with Lake Geneva, it is an adorable little town about an hour and half outside of Chicago.  The twelve of us rented a beautiful house right on the water and just hung out all weekend long.  We stuffed our faces for forty-eight hours, drank way too much and really just had the best time ever.

With all the traveling we have ahead of us we didn't want to board our frenchy, Pizza, so we brought her along with us!  All in all, it was a weekend none of us will ever forget and we are already discussing when we can book the same house again next year!!

Our only picture of the whole group at brunch on Saturday
Great time with great friends!

Girls Vs. Boys flippy cup challenge.

Girls won 4 to 1!!!

David and I had a whip cream fight.. I win!
I never cook, but felt inspired to make a baked Gouda dish... everyone loved it (my mom would be so proud)!

Our yummy dinner on Saturday night made by David and our friend Stephanie!

Perfect weekend with friends and especially my love!