Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Underwear Game

This weekend I am heading to Austin, TX for the bachelorette party of one of my best friends, Kate Cole.  Kate has been banned from reading this post today because it focuses on a game we will be playing this weekend, The Underwear Game.

I am not sure all the rules of this particular underwear game we will be playing, but so far the only instructions we have been given are: everyone please bring a pair of underwear that best represents you or your relationship with Kate.

I have played this game in the past and the bride had to open each pair and guess who it is from if she guessed right the girl drank, if she guessed wrong the bride would drink.  I am assuming we are playing some variation of this game.  This being said I am on a hunt for some underwear that define me or my relationship with Kate.  Does anyone else find this difficult?  Here are a few options I have come up with to find the perfect pair of undies to bring for the Underwear Game.

1. Literal Approach
These low-rise Hanky Pankys could define me because I wear them everyday.  However, Kate and I are friends from after college, so it isn't like we were once roommates and she knows this sort of information about me.  I still could just get them for Kate because nobody can ever have too many Hanky Pankys so this would double as a great gift.

2. Silly Approach
These Vodka Panties are a little trashy in my opinion and there is NO way Kate would ever actually wear them.  That being said she may guess me because when Kate and I were both single we would start every weekend night at one of our apartments taking a few shots of vodka. 

3.  Austin Approach
This Austin, TX Thong is an easy way to define me.  I am the only girl going on this bachelorette party that went to University of Texas in Austin.  These would be a great way for her to remember her bachelorette party, but may be too easy as far as guessing who gave them to her!

4. Professional Bridesmaid Approach

Really anyone could buy these I Do Panties for her, but hopefully she will guess it is me since I am the professional bridesmaid and would think to give her a pair she can wear everyday, including the big day!


  1. We played the underwear game at Siera's Bachelorette party and it was so much fun!

  2. When I played the underwear game for my best friend Chad's bachelor party I brought my lucky banana hammock. Everyone loved it!

  3. I've never played that game before and perfect timing bc I'm going to a bach party this weekend! thanks for sharing! xo

  4. So good post, good tips, thanks for sharing :)