Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Biggest Myth about Wedding Dress Shopping

I feel like it is a right of passage to step into a bridal shop.  Whether you are picking out your own wedding dress, or you going with a friend or family member for their dress, when you walk through those doors you are living a moment you will keep with you forever.

My sister asked only my mom and I to come with her and it couldn't have been a more magical day... except for one thing was missing.. CHAMPAGNE!

We walked in and I was expecting to be handed a glass over flowing with bubbly, but there was none in sight.  I figured okay that's strange maybe when we are put in a dressing room there will be a bottle chilling.  To my surprise there wasn't even a stand with glasses waiting to be filled.  At this point I thought silly me why would a store just hand out champagne to just anyone. you must have to say yes to a dress and then the celebrations will begin.  

Well, she picked her dress and we all clapped and cheered with excitement.  Then, as they lead us into a private room I knew the time had arrived, but then all that happened was they asked us to pay.  So yes, the day was wonderful my sister got the dress of her dreams, but I walked away from the experience baffled.  

Why in every movie and TV show do they always show girls drinking champagne and giggling over these dresses?  It isn't true and I feel as a professional bridesmaid I must make sure everyone is aware!


"What's Your Number"

Okay, so I just wanted to give you all the heads up if you are expecting that magical toast!  I am in no way saying I only wanted to go for the booze, I just had always pictures that moment with a glass in hand.

Don't worry we managed to still celebrate on our own!

Did you expect champagne when you went shopping for a dress?  Did you get it?


  1. SO true!!!! I thought that those who work in a bridal shop would be the first to agree that every celebration and ladies day calls for a glass of champagne, but to my dismay only ONE of the bridal stores I went to offered it. Needless to say, they went up major points in my book!

  2. So true!!! But, as you said, celebrating at Fred's following our wonderful "Dress Day" was equally satisfying!!

  3. Sadly I have to agree!!!!! Having been a bridesmaid more than once, and been shopping for the gown with my cousin, every place we looked for a dress there was NO champagne!!! I guess, if your name is Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway and you star in Bride Wars it's only fair that champagne be a necessity. Although I've been told the store Pronovia does give out this champagne...we will have to wait and see!

  4. I went shopping with my sister for her wedding dress, and the place definitely gave us champagne once she picked it out!

    1. That is so great to hear!! Where were you? So glad some places make my dream come true!

  5. You know I hadn't really thought about this, but I've been dress shopping with friends and never offered champagne! I wonder if they worry about the dresses? But champagne would sure be fun!