Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Southern Wedding Week: Hospitality Suite and House Party

Hospitality Suite

I experienced my first hospitality suite at a wedding in St. Louis this past October.  The bride was from St. Louis, but the groom was from New Orleans so her parents picked up on this tradition.  The hospitality suite was available all weekend long for those guests of the wedding that were staying at the hotel.  They had snacks and drinks and even brunch the morning of the wedding.  It is a great place to hang out if there isn't much to do and many times there is a TV set up so guests can watch whatever sporting event is taking place that day.  Often, the family provides alcohol in the hospitality suite which makes it the ideal location for the after party.

A few of my school friends eating brunch in the hospitality suite

House Party-Texas Thing!

Until yesterday I was planning on posting about the house party being a southern thing.  Luckily my friend informed me a house party is ONLY a Texas thing!  Anyways, in Texas, the house party is a way for the bride to honor those close friends she has not asked to be bridesmaids.  The house party can range from about 3-10 girls.  Typically, they are included in all the wedding activities such as showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners.  Some brides may have the girls all wear a certain color and some may even have them walk down the aisle.  It is really up to the bride on how involved she wants the house party to be. 

My friend Lindsey was in the house party at this wedding so she was invited to the rehearsal dinner

What do you think about having a hospitality suite and house party?  I would love to have a hospitality suite at my wedding even though I am not a Southerner.  Check back tomorrow for more  Southern Wedding Week!


  1. So I am from Massachusetts and have attended weddings in Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, West Virginia, AND Maryland! All of the weddings in these states have included Hospitality Suites! I never have known it was a Southern thing, but have always known about it being a GREAT idea. Definitely a good place for the after party as well!

  2. Neat idea! This is new to me but seems like fun!