Thursday, January 26, 2012

Southern Wedding Week: Send Off

Sorry I am running so late getting my post up today, but I was busy packing this morning because after work I am heading to NYC!  One of my besties, Judi, moved there this summer and I am finally going to visit her (it is also her birthday tomorrow). I will take many pictures and the good ones I will share with you next week:)

Also, I need to wish one of my dearest friends since first grade, Samantha Marks, a happy birthday.  Hope you have a great weekend celebrating.

Send Off

In the South, at the end of the reception, guests throw flowers or streamers at the bride and groom as they leave.  I have seen this in movies, but I never thought of associating it with Southern weddings.  Apparently, it happens all the time in the South!  I assume it happens in the North as well but just not as often.

Mike and Drew Lehmann's send off

Marc and Lauren Sancton's send off (Lindsey's Sister)

I hope you have all enjoyed my Southern Wedding Week! Thank you again to Lindsey Fox and Stephanie Veeder for all their Southern insight.

Jenny and Jon are two of my good friends that fell in love our senior year and will be getting married this June in Dallas, Texas.  I cannot wait to experience my first Southern Wedding!

Are these traditions accurate?  Do you have any traditions where you are from that differ from the norm?