Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What to Wear When you're NOT the Bridesmaid

If you are not a bridesmaid you get the luxury of choosing what dress you wear to a wedding. You can go to your store of choice, try on plenty of options, and walk away with a dress you would happily wear to two or three of your upcoming weddings.  The problem is that singledress will probably be featured in all of your friends Facebook albums and pretty soon that dress you loved will be hanging in the back of your closet.

 Aside from the two weddings I am standing up in this year, I am a guest at six others.  As a Twenty-Five year old I cannot sanely budget a brand new dress for every event I attend.  I would freak out, but I found the answer... Rent the Runway!   I learned about RTR from my one of my best friends that rented this Tibi dress for a wedding we attended in October.

If you are new to weddings you may be new to RTR so let me explain.  You can rent a designer dress for a fraction of the price. 

You pick from over 95 designers and they have dresses for any occasion.  Once you find a dream dress:
  1. Select a size (they let you pick a second size for free)
  2. Pick a delivery date (they suggest 1-2 days before the wedding/event)
  3. Add any accessories (they give you tons to choose from)
If it is a destination wedding they will send it directly to your hotel.  I would always bring a backup just in case it doesn't fit, but with two sizes to pick from it usually does.  For a small additional charge you can pick a second dress and they will send you two sizes of that dress as well!  If none of the dresses you receive fit you can send them back for no charge.

Ok, now that I explained it lets play....  I would for sure rent this dress:

Pair it with these:
I obviously would get so much use out of these I really should just buy them.

Then to finish the look...

I would rent these:

And borrow this from my Mom:
Judith Leiber

Rent the Runway is an affordable way to wear your dream designer and ensure you are not wearing the same dress to every wedding you attend this season!