Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is a Professional Bridesmaid?

Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid... okay, before you jump to conclusions that I am a bitter friend let me explain myself... 

I was such an active little girl, between school, camp, ice skating and dance I was always making new friends.  My family makes fun of me because whenever I mention a friends name they are never just a friend but always my BEST FRIEND

Well, twenty-five years later, here we are and many of those BEST FRIENDS are engaged or already married. I have already stood up in four weddings and have two slated for 2012. I keep blank copies of the Bella Bridesmaid dress order form in my desk and I make a mean ribbon bouquet. However, this isn't a blog about always being the bridesmaid, it is about the exciting time period in my life. 

I am living the work hard, play hard dream.  I am a young professional during the week and a jetsetter on the weekends. My only responsibilities are my rent and my french bulldog, Pizza, both of which I share with my boyfriend, D.  Having never been the bride, but always the bridesmaid I have learned the Dos and Don'ts of being the supportive BEST FRIEND.  I hope through sharing my experiences you can learn what it takes to be a Professional Bridesmaid. 

My Sister's Wedding (Maid of Honor)

Best Friend since Kindergarten

Best Friend from College

Best Family Friend (Second Sister)