Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Friday: My Sister's Wedding

Welcome to Flashback Friday!  I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to be in and attend so many exquisite weddings, and every Friday I will share with you some of my favorite highlights.

August 28th, 2010 is a day that I will never forget - my sister's picturesque wedding.  My Mom and sister  planned a fairytale wedding, and surprisingly, they were able to keep most of it a secret from everyone, including me!  They could not have done any of it without their extraordinary wedding planner, Reva Nathan. 

Normally, the pictures I post won't be this fantastic, but I was able to get these off of INSIDE Weddings where the wedding was featured in the Spring 2010 issue photographed by KingenSmith.

The wedding took place at the Four Seasons Chicago.

My beautiful family (only picture from my camera).

The bridesmaid dresses looked fantastic on everyone, they were just so flattering!

They got married in the round, which was very intimate setting (even with close to 400 guests).

Best part of the ceremony: Groom walked in to "Eye of the Tiger" (arms up in the air of course).
The crystals, the flowers, the lighting everything was just perfect!

Just after midnight the room drastically changed colors and servers marched out with over sized sundaes for each guest (you could opt to share with the person next to you).

My sister and her husband fell in love in Miami so it only seemed right to heat things up after dessert by turning the room into a Salsa Club. Guest were wowed with a performance given by professional salsa dancers followed by a serenade to the bride by Ken Arlen of the Ken Arlen Orchestra.

They passed out mini chocolate cigars, Cuban espresso drinks, and mojitos.

The night was magical and I know my sister and brother-in-law can never thank my parents enough for giving them their dream wedding. Hopefully, they will be satisfied with the grandson they will be bringing into this world in February.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at my sisters wedding with me!  I am off to visit her and my nephew to be in Michigan this afternoon (if the weather in Chicago permits).  I just want to thank everyone for a wonderful first week in the blogging world.  I promise to be back next week with more insight into what it takes to be a "Professional Bridesmaid!"


  1. Hats off to you, Traci!!! A fabulous first week in the blogging world!!!
    Each day I look forward to your adorable insight and your kind words!!!
    It's just a feel good experience! Thank you for sharing your sweetness!!!

  2. Loved this flashback!! Fun reading all of your posts ! Love ya, H

  3. What a beautiful bride your sister was! Your whole family is dashing ;)

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