Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Southern Wedding Week: Groom's Cake

Welcome back to Southern Wedding Week!

Groom's Cake

The groom's cake is the ultimate tradition associated with southern weddings. It is a typically a gift from the bride, and is displayed on a separate table than the couple's wedding cake. Usually this cake is smaller in size, and has only one layer of dark cake (usually chocolate). The bride will have this cake made to reflect a certain hobby or passion of the groom. For example, many of my friends from college that met their husbands at The University of Texas will have a cake made in the shape of a Longhorn or the Clock Tower. The cake can be served as dessert alongside the couple's wedding cake or even cut and put in to-go boxes the for guests to take home. Although it is an added expense to the wedding, it is very popular in the South and grooms look forward to seeing what their bride selected for them.

I have never been to a wedding with a groom's cake, so the examples below are my favorite cakes I have found when viewing some friend's weddings on Facebook. If you read my blog and you see your cake feel free to make a shout out!

Drew and Allison Firestone

Scott and Elizabeth Rubinsky

Adam and Jami Lazarov


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