Monday, January 23, 2012

Southern Wedding Week: Bridal Luncheon

Weddings are so wonderful because they bring all your college friends together, many of which you haven't seen since graduation (or the last school friend's wedding).  I went to the University of Texas in Austin, and many of my college friends weddings will be taking place in the South.  Did you know there are many traditions that take place at Southern Weddings that Northerners such as myself have never heard of?  This week I am going to highlight these traditions, and in order to differentiate between Northern and Southern Weddings, I've turned to my friends, Stephanie Veeder and Lindsey Fox.  Stephanie and Lindsey grew up in Texas and now live in Chicago and have been to their fair share of weddings from both regions.

Bridal Luncheon

I came up with the idea to do Southern Wedding Week when I heard Lindsey talk about a Bridal Luncheon at dinner the other night.  I figured it was just a different title for a shower.  I was wrong.  The bridal luncheon is given by the bride (or bride's family) as a way of honoring her bridesmaids, and is typically thrown the day of the rehearsal dinner.  The luncheon is an opportunity to relax and spend time together before the craziness of the weekend begins.  It is also an opportune time for the bride to give her maids' gifts, and sometimes the bridesmaids bring gifts for the bride.

Found this bridal luncheon setup on Pintrest 

I LOVE this concept.  What better way to kickoff your wedding weekend than to have all of your best friends in a room together.  Many times if you do not live near your bridesmaids it is a lot to ask of them to fly in for the showers and the bachelorette party.  With a bridal luncheon you will have all the bridesmaids in the same room and allow them some time to get to know each other.

Let me know if you are from the North and had a Bridal Luncheon, or if you have any opinions on it.

Please check back tomorrow for some more insight into Southern Weddings!


  1. i love this concept too! We actually had a bridal dinner but I kinda wish a luncheon would have been less "stressful". Oh the things I would do over huh!? haha


  2. Interesting!! A wonderful way to begin the wedding festivities!!!
    Love it!!!
    Xoxo Mom

  3. Trace, i hope you are covering "house parties" this week, because i still don't understand.

    Oh southerners. :)


    1. Oh yes, stayed tuned house parties will be featured lol:)

  4. Even as a northerner I am familiar with the bridal luncheon tradition. My niece is getting married next month in Memphis and has just asked me about contributing to this event. In lieu of a bridal luncheon as you describe, she is asking for a McAlisters' catored lunch on the day of the wedding and for family to pay for her wedding party's hair done. Do you think this is an acceptable "bridal luncheon?"

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