Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saying OK to the Dress

Have you heard of girls saying their bride purposely picked an ugly dress just so she looked better than her bridesmaids?  Try not to jump to that conclusion with your bride, she just has slightly different taste than you do.

If you are a picky dresser here are a few tips you can use to sway the bride to choosing the dress you like:
  1. Ask her if you can help pick out the dress? (She will probably say yes and welcome the help.)
  2. Be very eager to try on any dress she may like. (Don't forget to throw in a few of your favorites!)
  3. If you think the dress won't look good on everyone (mainly yourself) ask her to try it on; unless she already has her wedding body eight months in advance she may understand where you are coming from.
  4. Ask the sales rep if she has a book of pictures of what other brides picked.  Some of them are so horrible your bride will find herself saying "I would never do that to my friends." 
  5. If she doesn't want anyone to come, make sure to send her pictures of what you like. (I promise she does want you to be happy!)

Did you both wear the same dress to prom?  I am guessing not, so when she makes the final decision take a deep breath and remember this is her day and you just need to Say OK to the Dress!

If you really think the dress is that bad then take a look at a few of my favorites from Tacky Weddings:


  1. I look forward each day to reading your blog!! So fun!!!

  2. Hi Traci! So great to find your blog :) I, myself, sometimes have trouble saying yes to the dress!
    Thanks for stopping by Fashion Truffles today! I'm now following.