Monday, January 30, 2012

{Guest Post} The Bride's Perspective: Smaller Wedding

Happy Monday!  Today I am very excited to introduce a new series "The Brides Perspective." Being the perfect bridesmaid means understanding where the bride is coming from and being there when her emotions may get in the way of her excitment.  Having never been a bride, I can't personally write on my own wedding experiences and I want to help everyone reading this be the best bridesmaid and friend possible.  Therefore, I am going to turn to brides in the blogging world to share some insight on how and why they made the decisions they did for their big day.

The first edition is written by one of my close friends, Siera Rubenstein.  Siera is a manager at SARCA, one of my favorite boutiques in Chicago, and is frequently featured on their blog.  I hope you enjoy because Siera has agreed to be a regular for "The Bride's Perspective" series!

Hi COAPB fans! My name is Siera Rubenstein and I was recently married September 24th, 2011 at the Park Hyatt in Chicago. I’m so excited that Traci invited me here to share all the special moments that went into our wedding. 

My first installment is on why I opted on having a smaller, intimate wedding. Adam and I wanted something that would feel more intimate and not an event where there would be people that we didn’t necessarily know (maybe friends of our parents etc.). We were a tad selfish when it came to this part, but we though “you get married once, do it the way you want to rather then what other people wanted.” 

We each had all of our closest friends, best family friends, and of course our family there to celebrate with us. We wanted everyone to feel as though they were a guest at our home rather than a guest at a huge event where they wouldn’t even be able to see the bride and groom. Although there were a few bumps in the road, I think we accomplished it with flying colors! 

My advice to all you soon to be brides out there: do what feels best to you and your fiancé. This is your special day to celebrate your love for each other, no one else. No matter what you do or how many people attend it will be a special day in your lives that you will never forget!  


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