Thursday, January 5, 2012

LOVE the Shoes You're With

As I wrote yesterday, you do not need to LOVE the dress, but when the bride gives you the freedom to pick out your shoes...  LOVE the shoes. 

Do yourself a favor before wedding season begins, and splurge on a pair of shoes you will be excited to walk down the aisle in.  You will most likely never wear the dress again, but those shoes will become a staple in your wedding wardrobe.

If you are a bride please think twice before requiring your bridesmaids to wear the same shoes, It's really important our feet get their own identity.
These satin Christian Louboutins are the ultimate wedding staple, I have worn them in all four of the weddings I have been in (it just so happens everyone had me wear black)
Christian Louboutin


I really wish someone would require me to wear nude shoes.  Please?

The sparkle will look great peaking out of a long black dress
Sergio Rossi

I am standing up in a wedding in April and the bride requested we wear silver.  When the Las Vegas Scoop had 25% off during Black Friday I knew I just needed to get these (for the wedding in April of course)!
Jimmy Choo


  1. How true !!! When your feet feel wonderful...anything is possible!!!!
    Xoxo Mom

  2. Maybe #2 could be someone specials OWN wedding shoes???? Twinsies??? xoxo

  3. Agreed on all accounts!! Everyone has different feet and different shoes styles, it is essential to let your bridesmaids be comfortable when they are going to be running around all day! Thank you for visiting my blog Traci and introducing me to yours! I just opened up my own event planning company and would love to have you as a guest blogger when it launches!

  4. Thanks for checking out my new blog! I would love to guest blog when it launches. Love your blog and love bella, I have a frenchie named Pizza.

  5. love the shoes! Do you have any ideas or suggestions for a summer dress for a cocktail attire wedding? I have a few weddings this summer and don't want to buy a different one for each wedding...looking for a good, colorful staple piece I can wear a few times!

    1. Let me do some research and I will post on it next week. Are they outside? Blacktie? Casual? Where are they at?

    2. casual/cocktail attire, 1 is outside and the rest indoors!

  6. Hi Traci,

    What's your suggestion for a beach side wedding?
    I'm getting married on the beach in September and wondering what to do for a bridesmaid dress and shoes. Just some tips would be helpful, being that I'm on the other side of the world.

    Loving the blogs!!


    1. Hi Natarsha,

      I will for sure find some suggestions for beach weddings and use it in a post next week! I have some great ideas so be sure to check back:)

      Thanks for the support :)