Friday, January 20, 2012

Fab Five Friday: My First Time Guest Blogging!!

I promise next week I will be back with a new Flashback Friday, but today I can't contain my excitement that I am making my debut as a guest blogger!  If you are from Chicago, then hopefully you have checked out one of my favorite stores in the Gold Coast, SARCA.  One of my dear friends, Siera, is the manager and she asked me to guest blog on their "Fab Five Fridays."   So please, go on over to SARCA and check out my Fab Five!! 


Allison Parris- Beaded Fringe Dress $650 
When I am a bride and it is time for me to choose a rehearsal dinner dress hopefully SARCA still has this Allison Parris piece.  It is fun and flirty and any bride wearing this would grab the attention of everyone in the room.

Finders Keepers-Magic Dance Dress $175
I love this LBD for a bachelorette party. What better time to look hot than when you are helping a best friend celebrate her last fling before the ring.  You can bet I will be wearing this in February at a bachelorette party in Austin.

Station to Station dress $165
The most important duty of a bridesmaid at a shower is to help the bride open gifts, and fast.  Why not make sure you look fabulous doing it? The back on this dress will photograph perfect and the yellow is such a nice color for a spring shower.  

Friend of Mine dress $175
Honeymoon Hot?  Yes please!  Just because the wedding is over, why not rock this dress on the sands of some picturesque beach?  Of course I love Maxi dresses, but if you still have your banging body from the wedding you should 100% flaunt yourself in front of your brand new hubby in this Friends of Mine dress.

Damen+Division Bridesmaid Earrings $150
OK, I swear, when I picked these I had NO idea they were called the "Bridesmaid Earrings," but apparently the designer knows whats up. When you are a bridesmaid in a wedding you don't get to wear what you want to the wedding, so I like to make it count at the rehearsal dinner. These earrings are the perfect way to dress up your favorite LBD.