Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secret Perks of Being a Bridesmaid

Obviously, the greatest part about being a bridesmaid is getting to stand by your friends side on the biggest day of her life.  However, there are also a few perks which help make the experience that much better!

#1 One of the greatest perks of all.... you get to be one of the firsts to see the bride in her dress and watch her as she sees herself as a bride for the first time!

#2 If the ceremony is held at the same venue as the reception you will be one of the first guests out of room AKA one of the firsts in line at the bar.  My boyfriend, David, and I have it down to a science, I walk out of the room, floor it to the bar, grab a champagne for me and a scotch for him.  I love this perk because you are the first to get a drink and you come off as a wonderful girlfriend:)

First drink of the night

#3 This perk comes right after #2.  Now that we have a drink we can be first in line at any appetizer station.  If you have been getting ready all day you are going to be so excited for that cocktail hour and all the appetizers it entails!

#4 Private time with the bride.. I mean the ultimate bathroom experience.  When you are a bridesmaid the bride is definitely going to need your help because you will have been trained to help her go to the bathroom!  It may sound a little silly, but trying to help her with all that huge dress is hysterical and you get to share it with her.

#5 Barefoot bridesmaids.. lets face it shoes hurt.  After standing up for at least thirty minutes during the ceremony your feet are pretty much shot for the rest of the night.  Luckily, many brides realize this and give cute flip flops as gifts!  If you don't think your bride will give them to you I highly recommend bringing them for yourself.


  1. I love the first drink , first appetizer perk!I'm always in line for a half an hour!

  2. All great perks. my favorite is the honor you get from being chosen to stand by her side on the happiest day of her life! xo